Music Memorabilia Questions: How to Grade Old Sex Pistols Concert Tickets

If you have built up some music memorabilia from your time following artists or bands, then you might have a few concert tickets in your collection. If you want to make some quick cash, then you might be able to sell these tickets.

This works well if you followed artists or bands like the Sex Pistols who didn't last all that long or who have lost some members. However, not all tickets have the same value. Before you try to sell your tickets, make a quick assessment of their grade. This will tell you how attractive and valuable the tickets might be to other people who collect Sex Pistols memorabilia.

Ask yourself the following questions about each of your concert tickets to get started.

Was the Ticket Used?

Unused vintage concert tickets typically have the highest value. So, for example, you might have a fully intact ticket from a gig that you couldn't attend at the time. Or, you might have managed to get into the concert without having to surrender any part of the ticket.

Collectors like these tickets. If a piece of memorabilia is complete, then it has a higher value.

What Does the Stub Say?

Often, you are left with a ticket stub after attending a gig. While stubs might not be worth as much as unused tickets, they still have some value. However, the stub has to appeal to a collector before you can sell it.

Dig out stubs that contain key information about the concert. For example, if you have a stub that shows details about the gig, then some collectors will be interested.

So, if a stub contains the band's name, the venue and the date and time of the concert, then it usually has some value. If the stub doesn't have an obvious link to the band or the gig, then it won't be as interesting to collectors.

What Is the Condition of the Ticket?

If you were going to Sex Pistols gig in the 1970s, then your tickets might not be in the best shape. However, if you've looked after your tickets or stubs, then you could have increased their value.

While some wear is acceptable on older tickets and stubs, collectors like to buy items that are undamaged and intact. These are the items you'll sell more easily.

To get started, contact Sex Pistols memorabilia specialists and ask them to value your tickets.

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